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Travel Insurance

A lot of travelers often spend a lot of effort and time planning a perfect vacation, but often overlook the importance of getting the right travel insurance. Not many travelers understand that they are vulnerable to accidents and illnesses when traveling to a different country. Besides, you cannot prevent unforeseen incidents. Make your traveling fun and memorable with right overseas travel insurance. Nothing can be worse than falling sick or needing immediate medical attention; this will only dampen your vacationing spirit. During such a time, you can rely on travel insurance.

It is not that travel insurance helps you avoid misfortune incidents, but it definitely offers consolation in the form of financial compensation. It offers a large range of benefits to travelers. The major benefit of travel insurance is that it offers financial recovery for medical expenses that might incur due to illness or accident. With right travel insurance, one can be assured of getting reimbursement for the total amount of money spent on the treatment.

Travel Insurance Benefits:
» Medical Coverage - Covers emergency OPD expenses, Covers hospitalization expenses due to injury or illness
» Dental Expenses - Covers cost incurred in connection with an illness or injury to the natural tooth or teeth during the trip
» Delay/ Loss of Checked-In Baggage
» Loss of Passport


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No matter what international destination you want to travel to, HPT is here to help you with the whole visa application process. We are there with you right from the first step of getting the required documents for an online visa application to helping you get ready for the visa interview.

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